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Where Can I Buy A Bowflex Max Trainer

Bowflex has built a reputation for decades around bringing gym-quality equipment to home workouts, ranging from adjustable dumbbells, to total-body training machines, to some of the best ellipticals on the market, and all points in between. But many think that the company's cardio machines are where it really shines.

where can i buy a bowflex max trainer

The Max Trainer line of elliptical trainers match the smooth upper and lower-body motion of ellipticals with an up-and-down verticality reminiscent of stair climbers. This creates a challenging and time-efficient way of working the muscles, heart, and lungs, while saving space in your home.'s editorial team relies on the knowledge and experience of fitness and wellness experts including competitive athletes, coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, and certified trainers. This helps us ensure the products we feature are of the highest standard. Collectively, the team has spent countless hours researching equipment, gear, and recovery tools in order to create the most accurate, authentic content for our readers. Customer satisfaction is also a key part of our review process, which is why we only feature products that are highly rated.

The M3 comes with just 8 levels of resistance to choose from, whereas the other models in the Max Trainer line all come with 16 or more. But whether or not this is really a "downside" is a matter of perspective. Most people don't need to "dial in" their resistance precisely in order to get a great workout. For the vast majority of us, eight choices is plenty!

Elliptical machines, sometimes known as cross-trainers, are stationary fitness machines that mimic the motion of walking, running, jogging, or stair climbing. This Bowflex equipment helps users get their daily dose of cardio, and it is designed to help reduce the amount of stress you put on the joints. Bowflex elliptical machines are available for a variety of users, ranging from athletes looking for a HIIT machine to beginners who need to protect their joints.

This space-savvy trainer is a combination of a cross trainer, a treadmill and a stepper. It can burn calories impressively fast, it makes it somewhat easier to reach a fat-burning zone, all while boasting a smooth and low-impact operation.

A little bit about me, the reviewer: I write all of the UK-based fitness guides and reviews on Livingetc. I have been testing this trainer in my large home office, atop a fitness mat to prevent it from moving. I am five foot two in height so finding gym equipment that's comfortable for me to use is a proven feat. I tested this trainer without the use of the JRNY app, which is a subscription service that you can use along with this trainer, for an extensive look into your workout. Here's what I thought of the Bowflex Trainer Max M8, after testing it for several months at home...

Once you have turned the machine on and selected a user from one to four, then you can choose a program or opt for a manual workout. On the display, you can track your progress from calories burned to RPM and more. Should you stop moving at any time, the machine will automatically pause. It's a simple machine to use, though tracking your workout can be difficult since it doesn't save your progress anywhere. Alternatively, you could use a fitness tracker to do this or note down the calories you burn, afterwards.

Lastly, this machine does have a magnetic smartphone holder, but this smartphone holder can only be used while your device is vertical, or your smartphone or tablet may fall out as you exercise. That and using this holder will cover the display of the trainer, so you won't be able to see your workout progress. Just something to bear in mind.

Micky Lal is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a registered yoga teacher. Micky is a gym owner in California, where he holds personal training/health coaching sessions. He teaches classes on topics which include exercise, weight loss, stress management, sleep, and healthy eating.

JRNY is an exercise app that offers a fitness assessment, workout tracking, trainer-led workout videos, and destination workouts with footage from over 50 locations across the globe for a virtual travel workout experience.

Your decision to choose a higher-end model versus the lower-end options comes down to your desire for technological integrations, how many people will be using the trainer, and how many resistance levels or integrated workouts you feel you need to maximize your home workout.

Like elliptical trainers, Bowflex Max Trainers provide a low impact cardiovascular workout. That said, the motion is a little more like a cross between an elliptical and a stair-stepping machine. The motion is more of an inclined, up-and-back motion, rather than straight forward and backward.

That's once you get it assembled, of course. Conveniently labeled parts and a well-written manual make for a fairly painless build, but it's gonna take an hour, minimum. When you're done, you can stick it nearly anywhere thanks to its measly 46-inch-long footprint. But you'll have to hug a wall unless you run an extension cord to the M5's annoyingly short power cord.

Videos are essentially prerecorded classes, broken down by skill and/or experience. They can be filtered by time, difficulty, activity type and particular trainers. Together they're basically like a fitness buffet, where I can try a variety of stuff and then go back for seconds (and thirds) for the stuff I like most.

In addition to being an option in programs, Explore the World has its own offerings, as well. But instead of choosing the program first and then which amazing vista I want to journey through, it's the other way around. Here again, the M9 offers a bunch of cool filters. I can select the region, season, kind of scenery, whether I want coaching, and if I want it to be an adaptive workout or just go at my own pace. With the coaching turned on, a natural sounding human trainer voice tells me what I'm about to do, when it's time to give it all I've got, when to relax and even breathing and posture reminders. And at the end, while I'm winding down, she shares the stats about the workout I just did.

Savings amounts include discount, free item value (if applicable), and shipping for product and free item. For additional information or to learn more about the products visit

MaryAnn De Pietro has written extensively about all things medical, as well as health, fitness, and pregnancy for various websites, magazines, and newspapers. MaryAnn has a B.S. in rehabilitation from Penn State University and a degree in respiratory therapy. She is a former EMT and certified personal trainer. In addition to writing, she works as a respiratory therapist at a trauma center in California.

There are just two preset workout programs included with the Bowflex Elliptical M3. One of those is Manual, meaning you choose how you work out, and one is MAX Interval, the fabled workout program where you lose up to 280 calories in 15 minutes with the Max Trainer.

16 Resistance Levels. You can adjust your M5 Bowflex anywhere between effortless and extremely difficult. The array of resistance levels allows you to create personalized workouts that feel exactly right. And, because you can go from easy to hard, you can do the equivalent of either jogging or sprinting. If you want fast weight loss, do low resistance; if you want muscle gain and sculpted legs, do high resistance.

Elliptical cross trainers of Bowflex get everything out of your workout! The Max Trainer convinces by an outstanding interval training concept, an extremely small set-up space and intensive load of the demanded muscles. In addition, the Red Dot Design Award winner is a real eye-catcher. The Max Trainer is the absolute fitness innovation!

Bowflex offers a wide offer of high-quality fitness equipment and accessory for the training at home. Get effectively in shape, lose weight, and keep healthy at home with the Bowflex Elliptical cross trainers products.

These ellipticals have tonnes of neat features out of the box. Compact design, Max interval workout where you burn twice the calories of a normal workout (certain models only), backlit interactive console, heart rate monitor and personalised workouts to name but a few.

iFit definitely adds even more value to this functional elliptical. The automatic trainer control adjusts the resistance as you go, too. Burn calories and work your muscles with the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 in the comfort of your own home.

The NordicTrack Freestride FS10i Trainer is a multi-functional hybrid elliptical trainer with high quality components and enhanced functionality. It checks all the boxes for a great at home elliptical trainer.

Some newer machines also offer subscription programs that will load on your elliptical. These often include a trainer-led workout filmed in a studio class. Subscription options are often more fun and more engaging than the pre-loaded programs, but there is usually a monthly cost.

No more tripping over cords or facing your elliptical towards a wall in order to reach the power outlet. The EL520 from Decathlon is self-powered, meaning you can place it wherever you want in the house. Time to enjoy that beautiful view out the window or work up a sweat in the garage away from all the family raucous.

Hey there, I'm Chris Jordan! I'm a certified personal trainer and dietician with over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry. I've helped thousands of people achieve better physical and mental health. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my dog. 041b061a72

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