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Stupid In Love

In an interview for MTV News, co-writer of "Stupid in Love" Ne-Yo, who had collaborated with Rihanna on her previous albums A Girl like Me (2006) and Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), clarified that he would not write a song for Rihanna with regard to Brown as he found it unnecessary and because of his friendship with Brown.[9] Producer Chuck Harmony concurred with Ne-Yo's statement, saying that no matter what song Rihanna released as the lead single people would immediately think that the song is about Brown.[10] In an interview with USA Today, Ne-Yo later revealed that the song was written two days before Rihanna and Brown's altercation, citing it as "a premonition."[1] In an interview with Sway Calloway for MTV News at Rated R's preview in New York City, Rihanna stated that the album represented her honesty and vulnerbility.[11] During the preview, Calloway noted that "Stupid in Love" was the song most likely to receive comparisons to Brown, with emphasis on the lyric "I still love you, but I can't do this/ I may be dumb but I'm not stupid."[11]

Stupid In Love

"Stupid in Love" is a R&B[2][12] power ballad[2][13] which lasts for 4:01 (four minutes, one second).[14] Instrumentation is provided by finger snapping,[15] minor piano keys[13][16] and piano riffs, a style of repeated chord progression.[2] The lyrics of "Stupid in Love" revolve around a woman in an abusive and adulterous relationship, progressing to the female protagonist leaving her boyfriend.[2][13] The song begins with the line "Let me tell you somethin' / Never / Have I ever / Been a size 10 in my whole life."[2] Rihanna sings the line "This is stupid / I'm not stupid / Don't talk to me / Like I'm stupid" during the chorus.[2] The bridge consists of Rihanna singing "Trying to make this work / but you act like a jerk."[16] As noted by Rob Harvilla of The Village Voice, the bridge represents the moment when Rihanna realizes that it is not worth her while to stay in the relationship, writing "the dunce cap is off".[2] "Stupid in Love" contains a lyrical metaphor, "Blood on your hands."[1]

As soon as I heard the song, I was totally amazed. The rapper did a really good job showing how much effort and emotion he can put into the song through his rapping. It was powerful and by far one of the best male rappers I have heard since starting out with KPOP. Soyu as well did a splendid job with her vocals and sounded really, really amazing. Honestly, I would did any song that these two will do in the future, together. I am glad that they did not put in Hyorin into this song, as I find that sometimes her voice is too powerful and may conflict with the song. The lyrics were also quite sad. They talked about how a couple feels when their love is about to end. So beautiful, so sad.

A 2013 study conducted by Dr. Henk van Steenbergan at Leiden University in the Netherlands, in conjunction with researchers at the University of Maryland, found that a budding romance or new love may temporarily diminish cognitive resources.

They completed this test after listening to romantic music, which was intended to remind them of their partners, thus eliciting feelings of love. The participants were also asked to complete a survey that assessed the strength and intensity of the love they felt for their significant others.

The study found a correlation between poor performance on the test and how head-over-heels in love a person was feeling, regardless of gender. The less in love, the better they performed on the test. The more in love, the worse they fared.

It seems that being loopy in love lessens our ability to focus and multitask because our SOs are taking up some vital brain space. It's sort of like how your computer slows down because you have too many windows and programs open at one time.

Maybe it even has its advantages. They say humility is a virtue, and forgetting how to speak your native tongue is certainly humbling at best. I can't say for certain that I'll one day entirely cease saying stupid things around my significant other, but as long as he can forgive my lapses in intelligence (and so far, he has), I'll call it a win.

If you've ever been in a relationship, you know that when love hits your system it can cause you to act differently and, in many cases, downright silly. For some, it's a mild form of silliness, like skipping around, giggling, and acting giddy. For others, that silliness can manifest as a lack of common sense or judgment that leads one to act foolishly.

So why does this happen? We consulted Dr. Marni Feuerman, a licensed psychotherapist and author of the new book "Ghosted and Breadcrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships," for some answers on why exactly love makes you act like a silly goose.

While you might think you've fallen in love with your new partner, sometimes you might actually be feeling physical lust or infatuation. "The early stages of meeting someone whom we are attracted to and with which we have intense chemistry can trick us into thinking we are in love this early on," she said.

First time in a relationship? You're more likely to act out of sorts because of your love connection. The same goes for young and naive people, Dr. Feuerman said. "It is more likely to happen to those who are younger, less experienced with love and/or has a tendency to be naive in general." But she adds: "I think the silliness can happen to anyone at any time."

There are some ways to protect yourself from the effects of silliness in love. One strategy is to keep your good friends and family close and listen to their feedback about your behavior and relationship, Dr. Feuerman said.

"If they think you are being silly or stupid with a love interest, take a step back to thoughtfully reflect on what they are saying instead of jumping to defend. These people are not under love's spell the way you are."

Taylor Swift is a walking anomaly. She's risen to the top of the charts with songs about love and loss, while at the same time assuring the public that she's absolutely loving being single. On 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno on Monday (Feb. 20), Swift opened up a bit about her Grammy-winning song 'Mean' and gave some insight into one of the reasons she is perhaps so content to be living the single life for a while.

This moment of truth came just after Leno asked the country starlet about her quote in her recent 'Vogue' cover story, where she said, "I'm smart unless I'm in love." Speaking of her 'Vogue' experience, Swift gushed about how she was so excited to finally be able to live that dream. "I just loved the whole shoot, working with the coolest photographer and stylist and people," she said. Even when the team cut her hair and put her in a hat, she says she just said 'OK' because that's what you do when you're working with 'Vogue.'

While Swift shares that you never develop skin thick enough to handle those reviews, she says she loves hearing that others relate and are able to get out of abusive relationships or bullying situations because they feel empowered by the song. Still, the country star -- who admits to getting her feelings hurt easily -- says she no longer checks her Google alerts to see what people are saying about her.

Taylor Swift is a walking anomaly. She's risen to the top of the charts with songs about love and loss, while at the same time assuring the public that she's absolutely loving being single. On 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno on Monday (Feb. 20), Swift opened up a bit about her Grammy-winning song 'Mean' and gave some insight into one of the reasons she is perhaps so content to be living the single life for a while.\nRead More

The Gibson Boys Collection is a feel-good, small-town series featuring blue-collar alpha males and smart, capable heroines. Sweet and steamy, the Gibson Boys enjoys favorite tropes such as second-chance romance, blue collar vs. silver spoon, enemies to lovers, and more. Fall madly in love with this relatable, unforgettable family by USA Today best-selling author Adriana Locke. This set includes four full-length novels and one novella.

After her senior year of high school leaves behind nothing but heartache, Olivia Beaumont is sure of this: She's no stupid girl. She sets out for Winston College, promising herself that she will remain focused on her first and only love - astronomy. But all it takes is cocky sophomore Brax Jenkins and an accidental collision with a football, to throw her entire year off course. 041b061a72

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