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Half Life 1 Opposing Force Full [NEW] Download

Here are some early 2000 Half-life "Opposing force" deathmatch maps. I updated them a little this month. There might still be a need for tweaks but they are good and tested on numerous LAN-sessions. I just can't get my port forwarding to work so I can't host a server right now. But if someone wants to play these with me feel free to send a private message or catch me on discord as "Jaska".

Half Life 1 Opposing Force Full Download

There is no systemic communication between Servant of the People and reform-minded opposition forces, which struggled with their own fragmentation. Their dialogue is reduced to mere trading of political favors, largely related to budget appropriations and personnel appointments. Moreover, relations between the Office of the President and the Servant of the People faction in parliament are also very complicated, which may explain current attempts at restructuring the ruling party. The two sides are divided on issues, reflecting the opposing interests of the oligarchs and other influential groups they represent.

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