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Dora The Explorer The Lost City Game Crack World

Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure - A Fun and Educational Game for Kids

Dora the Explorer is a popular children's character on the Nickelodeon cable network and has now made the jump to educational kids software. Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure is a PC game that was released in 2002 and is aimed at children aged 3 and over. It takes children on a fun learning adventure, with the world's youngest explorer!

The Story

Dora's special teddy bear, Osito, is lost. She and Boots post a sign, and then decide to take matters into their own hands. With her trusty map for guidance and help from kids, Dora and Boots journey to the Lost City, a mysterious and hidden place where all lost toys and treasures go. Along the way, they travel to exotic locations, encounter some of their friends--Pirate Pig, Mami Bugga Bugga, and more--and help them regain their lost objects, too.

dora the explorer the lost city game crack world

The Gameplay

The game consists of three main locations: the Big Pond, the Number Pyramid, and the Lost City. Each location has several mini-games that teach children various skills such as counting, matching, shapes, colors, logic, and Spanish vocabulary. The game also features interactive elements such as clicking on objects to hear their names or sounds, or moving the mouse to make Dora or Boots do different actions. The game has three difficulty levels that can be adjusted according to the child's age and skill level.

The game also has a reward system that encourages children to complete all the mini-games in each location. After finishing a mini-game, Dora or Boots will give the child a sticker that can be placed on a sticker book. The sticker book can be accessed at any time from the main menu and shows all the stickers that the child has collected. The stickers also have fun facts or trivia about the objects or characters that they represent.

The Features

  • The game features the original voice actors from the TV show, including Kathleen Herles as Dora, Harrison Chad as Boots, Marc Weiner as Map and Swiper, Sasha Toro as Backpack, and others.

  • The game has colorful graphics and animations that are faithful to the TV show's style and appeal to young children.

  • The game has catchy music and sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience and create a lively atmosphere.

  • The game has educational value as it teaches children various skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way.

  • The game has replay value as it offers different challenges and rewards depending on the difficulty level and the stickers collected.

The Reviews

The game has received positive reviews from critics and users alike. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on, based on 67 customer reviews. Some of the comments are:

"My daughter loves this game! She is 4 years old and she can play it by herself. She learns new words in Spanish and she enjoys finding all the lost objects. She also likes to look at her sticker book and read the facts about each sticker. She plays this game almost every day."

"This is a great game for preschoolers. It is easy to use and very interactive. My son is 3 years old and he loves Dora. He likes to follow her instructions and help her find Osito. He also likes to play with Pirate Pig and Mami Bugga Bugga. He learns new things every time he plays this game."

"This is one of the best educational games for kids. It is fun, colorful, and engaging. It teaches kids basic math, logic, Spanish, and more. It also has a lot of variety and different levels of difficulty. My daughter is 5 years old and she still plays this game often."

The Conclusion

Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure is a fun and educational game for kids that features one of their favorite characters from TV. It takes them on an exciting adventure to find Dora's lost teddy bear and help her friends along the way. It also teaches them various skills and concepts in a playful and interactive way. It is a game that parents can trust and kids can enjoy.

If you are interested in buying this game, you can find it on or other online retailers. You can also watch some gameplay videos on YouTube to see how the game looks and works. You can also visit the official Dora the Explorer website to learn more about Dora and her other games and activities.

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