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youtube-dl: How to Download Live Stream Videos from YouTube and Other Sites

The downside of this approach is that you cannot watch the video while downloading, well you can open yet another FF or Chrome, but it seems that mplayer cannot process the video output till youtube-dl/ffmpeg are running.

I recommend you use yt-dlp instead of youtube-dl. It's a fork off of youtube-dl and is much better-maintained and works much better. In the cases where youtube-dl gives me errors, yt-dlp works just fine. Also, in cases where youtube-dl downloads at 42 KiB/sec (which includes pretty much every time I use it--including 19 Dec. 2022 on Ubuntu 22.04), yt-dlp downloads at 86 MiB/sec, which is 2100x faster, again, as tested on Ubuntu 22.04 seconds ago.

youtube-dl download live stream

As a last resort, if you can't get youtube-dl nor yt-dlp to work, just do a live screen capture via OBS studio instead. Here are my detailed instructions on how to do that: Super User: How do you use OBS studio to perform screen capture (including to save live videos or make how-to tutorials)?.

As of 2023, youtube-dl seems to work fine, but note that sometimes the live stream separates the audio and video into distinct streams, then if you try to supply -f you will only get either the video or the audio.

The solution then is to simply not pass any argument, just youtube-dl -to-the-stream.m3u8 and it will automatically download the best quality video stream and merge it transparently with the best audio stream via ffmpeg (tested on Windows 10).

Cisdem Video Converter is the best YouTube livestream downloader on the market. It can retrieve content (songs, movies, live streams, etc.) from 1000+ multimedia websites, and the original quality will be retained, be it 8k, 4k, 1080p, or others. is an online YouTube livestream downloader, ensuring you catch videos from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Tik Tok, Niconico, etc. It allows you to integrate the service into your website or install its extension to Chrome to download videos more conveniently.

youtube-dl save live stream to mp4

youtube-dl record live stream with ffmpeg

youtube-dl download m3u8 live stream

youtube-dl extract audio from live stream

youtube-dl download live stream in best quality

youtube-dl list formats for live stream

youtube-dl resume interrupted live stream download

youtube-dl download live stream with subtitles

youtube-dl convert live stream to gif

youtube-dl download live stream from facebook

youtube-dl download live stream from twitch

youtube-dl download live stream from instagram

youtube-dl download live stream from periscope

youtube-dl download live stream from dailymotion

youtube-dl download live stream from vimeo

youtube-dl download live stream from tiktok

youtube-dl download live stream from reddit

youtube-dl download live stream from twitter

youtube-dl download live stream from linkedin

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youtube-dl download live stream from mixer

youtube-dl download live stream from niconico

youtube-dl download live stream from bilibili

youtube-dl download live stream from youku

youtube-dl download live stream from iqiyi

youtube-dl download live stream from crunchyroll

youtube-dl download live stream from funimation

youtube-dl download live stream from netflix

youtube-dl download live stream from hulu

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youtube-dl download live stream from nfl game pass

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youtube-dl download live stream from dazn

But online free YouTube stream downloaders typically don't give you much choice regarding quality and expert format. can only download YouTube live stream online to 360p or 720p MP4. If you choose WebM or higher resolution, the video will come without sound.

Except for YouTube livestream downloaders, you can also use the screen recorder to save real-time YouTube live videos. OBS Studio makes for a powerful video streaming and recording software. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We introduced 5 tools to download YouTube live streams, including 4 YouTube livestream downloaders and a screen recorder. Picking the best tool will vary from person to person and the needs of you. If you desire to simply copy and paste URL, Cisdem Video Converter and online way are the right choices. To save the video while live, screen recording software is essential.

This doesn't completely answer OP's question but there is way to download a stream from beginning to a specific duration without having to download the complete stream. Since YouTube provides resume support, we could request for partial content using the Range header.

Downloading any middle portion from the video should also be possible in this way but is going probably way much trickier because YouTube places the metadata at the beginning of the stream (in the first few bytes) and without it being present in the downloaded media, the stream won't play at all.

YouTube is ridiculously restrictive with their videos, they split the audio and video streams into different files, and they track you/sell your data; therefore, one could have difficulties with the method of downloading it partly then hitting Ctrl+C.

In this comprehensive Youtube-dl tutorial, we are going to learn what is Youtube-dl and the list of most commonly used Youtube-dl commands with examples to download audio and video streams from Internet in Linux operating systems.

By default, youtube-dl will automatically resume the download where you left it off. If it is doesn't resume the download for any reason, just force the resume of partially downloaded files with -c, --continue flag:

hi, i would like to use youtube-dl and linux to download a public youtube live stream video every day for a specific duration (e.g. 2 hours, 6pm-8pm). could you advise or share some methods on how to achieve this? thank u for your help!

I try download these video through wine+Youtube-dl and its working.I my case I was install YouTube-dl by Ubuntu software center. Now my software center is not work. Therefore I am unable to Update YouTube-dl through Terminal. Updated version of YouTube-dl may solve that issue.Step1:- first install and configure wine.Step2:- download youtube-dl.exe 2016.01.15step3:- copy youtube-dl.exe in to /home/youru_username/.wine/drive_c/folder_for_youtube-dlstep4:- open cmd.exe from /home/madhavnikam/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32Note:- youtube-dl is a folder in which youtube-dl.exe file is copied.step5:- type cd\ in cmd and set path like c:\youtube-dl\More Info 1)How to install Wine in Ubuntu.2)youtube-dl exe version download and copy to C_drive folder of .wine folder.

Merged with animelover1984/youtube-dl: You get most of the features and improvements from animelover1984/youtube-dl including --write-comments, BiliBiliSearch, BilibiliChannel, Embedding thumbnail in mp4/ogg/opus, playlist infojson etc. Note that NicoNico livestreams are not available. See #31 for details.

By default, yt-dlp tries to download the best available quality if you don't pass any options.This is generally equivalent to using -f bestvideo*+bestaudio/best. However, if multiple audiostreams is enabled (--audio-multistreams), the default format changes to -f bestvideo+bestaudio/best. Similarly, if ffmpeg is unavailable, or if you use yt-dlp to stream to stdout (-o -), the default becomes -f best/bestvideo+bestaudio.

Deprecation warning: Latest versions of yt-dlp can stream multiple formats to the stdout simultaneously using ffmpeg. So, in future versions, the default for this will be set to -f bv*+ba/b similar to normal downloads. If you want to preserve the -f b/bv+ba setting, it is recommended to explicitly specify it in the configuration options.

Unless --video-multistreams is used, all formats with a video stream except the first one are ignored. Similarly, unless --audio-multistreams is used, all formats with an audio stream except the first one are ignored. E.g. -f bestvideo+best+bestaudio --video-multistreams --audio-multistreams will download and merge all 3 given formats. The resulting file will have 2 video streams and 2 audio streams. But -f bestvideo+best+bestaudio --no-video-multistreams will download and merge only bestvideo and bestaudio. best is ignored since another format containing a video stream (bestvideo) has already been selected. The order of the formats is therefore important. -f best+bestaudio --no-audio-multistreams will download only best while -f bestaudio+best --no-audio-multistreams will ignore best and download only bestaudio.

While ffmpeg is running, you can connect to your RTMP stream from a video player. If you have VLC, mpv, or another media player installed locally, you should be able to view your stream by opening the URL rtmp://your_domain/live/stream in your media player. Your stream will terminate after ffmpeg has finished playing the video. If you want it to keep looping indefinitely, you can add -stream_loop -1 to the beginning of your ffmpeg command.

Note: You can also stream directly to, for example, Facebook Live using ffmpeg without needing to use Nginx-RTMP at all by replacing rtmp://localhost/live/stream in your ffmpeg command with rtmps:// YouTube uses URLs like rtmp:// Other streaming providers that can consume RTMP streams should behave similarly.

The built-in YouTube support is limited to the 15 most recent videos posted on the channel, and can not download DRM or age-restricted videos. Live streams can be streamed while live, but can only be downloaded after they have ended, usually several hours later. All downloadable videos can be streamed.

The setting uses YouTube-DL to download all episodes. In the future, it will be possible to stream with this enabled and a video player with YouTube-DL such as MPV. But for now, this setting must be disabled to stream episodes.

When is disabled, the right-click menu for episodes has a Download with Youtube-DL action. This allows episodes to still be streamed, but requires manual downloading of each episode if YouTube-DL formats are wanted.

The Video tab in Preferences has options to select the download and live streaming (HLS) formats. HLS formats are only available during a live stream, and streaming of non-livestream episodes always uses the download format.

SVPtube extracts direct URLs to live streams and send them to your preferred video player that can play these stream as normal videos with the frame rate conversion and any other SVP feature enabled. Just copy the link to clipboard - and that's all!

This debate is also ongoing in relation to youtube-dl, which also facilitates stream-ripping, and which the majors have also been targeting for a while now. In particular, in 2020 the music industry tried to get youtube-dl code removed from Github. Those attempts were initially successful but, after a mini-controversy, Github restored the code to its platform.

Anyway, according to Torrentfreak, Uberspace is now being sued through the German courts for hosting the youtube-dl web-page. If the case proceeds, it could test whether tools like youtube-dl and Yout are indeed circumventing bona fide technological protection measures when they facilitate the downloading of content off the YouTube platform.

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