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Strike Back (2010) Subtitles _HOT_

White landowners in the Mekoreng claim argue that the black claimants are lying about their historic presence in the area. The Mekgoreng land claim rests on the basis of one historic letter of eviction, the existence of a 103-year-old black man who was born in the area, and the graves of the ancestors of black community members, but is opposed by the white landowning community, who instead would like to evict all the current black residents. One of the white landowners claims he has title deeds that trace his family's ownership of the land back to the 1850s, which predates the 1913 land act. Another white landowner, Roger Roman, joins with the black claimants against the white landowners who oppose the claim and embarks on a hunger strike to bring national attention to the claim. His protest attracts the intervention of the government, which intercedes to support the claimants and promises to pay for the transfer of the title deeds. In its coverage of this particular case, the film features informative commentary by Philip Rafedile and Solly Selibi, the two black leaders of the Mekoreng claim, who, together with Roman, offer clarifying commentary about the injustices of the past and interdependence of land reform with post-apartheid reconciliation.

Strike Back (2010) subtitles



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