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UNIFORMAT II Elemental Classification For Build...

"Due to its longevity and the many vested interests now using E1557, any revision is not to be taken lightly, but after more than 30 years in use, in essentially similar versions, this elemental classification is ripe for revision to reflect changing technology and the needs of many stakeholders," says Huxley. "The world environment has changed too, prompting an increased emphasis on items and functions that were hitherto of lesser importance."

UNIFORMAT II Elemental Classification for Build...

1.4 UNIFORMAT II is an elemental format similar to the original UNIFORMAT2 elemental classification. UNIFORMAT II differs from the original UNIFORMAT, however, in that it takes into consideration a broader range of building types and has been updated to categorize building elements as they are in current building practice. 041b061a72

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