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Trannies Introuble

Trannies in Trouble was created back in 2001 when Gibbons started taking pictures of herself being tied up. As a fetishistic crossdresser, she said she always had a thing for damsels in distress (traced back to her days watching detective shows on TV). Her site has since build a loyal community of fans and features crossdressing bondage scenes with Gibbons and her trans friends. Visit her website at

trannies introuble

This site is called Trannies In Trouble because it is a tranny site for bondage. The Trannies in bondage go through a lot of squirming and carrying on once they are tied and left to writhe, fidget and otherwise try to get out of their tight bonds. The bondage is definitely quite unyielding and stringent which makes it doubly fun to watch. The trannies themselves are pretty much well dressed, and well made up, and the wigs that are worn look to be rather expensive thus the hair moves correctly as they writhe.

In summation, if you love good looking trannies mixed with tight bondage, then this is definitely the site for you! The pictures are wonderful, and so are the videos. It's a very well cared for site. When you check out their pictures, often you forget that you are looking at a tranny rather than a gal! Kudos for that! All in all it's a great site! 041b061a72

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