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STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 21.00 Crack

STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 21.00: A Major Step Forward in Analysis and Design

STAAD.Pro is a popular structural analysis and design software that has been used by engineers around the world for decades. It offers a comprehensive range of features and capabilities to handle any type of project, from simple beams and frames to complex bridges and buildings. STAAD.Pro has been constantly evolving and improving to meet the changing needs and expectations of the industry.

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In 2023, Bentley Systems launched the CONNECT Edition of STAAD.Pro, which is a major step forward in analysis and design that provides the functionality existing users have come to expect in an interface that is becoming the standard across the most current leading Windows applications today. The CONNECT Edition also introduces a new Physical Modelling workflow, which allows engineers to work with a physical model that can be easily shared and decomposed into analytical parts. In addition, the CONNECT Edition has expanded the design code offering, simplified the licensing, enhanced the integration with RAM Connection, and upgraded the solver to a 64-bit platform. In this article, we will review some of the key features and benefits of STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 21.00.

New Workflow Style Layout

The first thing that users will notice when they open STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition is the new workflow style layout. The context sensitive ribbon based UI is now an office standard with applications like MS Word, Excel and Bentley software like MicroStation and AutoPIPE. The ribbon UI provides easy access to all the tools and commands that are relevant to the current task or mode. Users can also customize the ribbon by adding or removing tabs, groups, and buttons according to their preferences. The ribbon UI also supports keyboard shortcuts, tooltips, and contextual menus for faster and more efficient operation.

Physical Modelling

One of the most significant innovations in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition is the Physical Modelling workflow. This workflow allows engineers to create a physical model of their structure that can be easily shared with other stakeholders, such as architects, contractors, or clients. The physical model can be created using parametric templates, graphical tools, or imported from other applications such as Revit or Tekla. The physical model can also be edited and modified using intuitive commands such as move, copy, rotate, mirror, align, offset, etc.

The physical model is automatically decomposed and managed into analytical parts, such as segmented beams and surfaces. The analytical model can be viewed and verified in a separate window or tab. The analytical model can also be modified directly using commands such as insert node, add member, assign section, apply load, etc. The changes made in either the physical or analytical model are synchronized automatically. The analytical model can then be used for performing various types of analysis and design using STAAD.Pro's powerful engine.

64-bit Solver

The heart of STAAD.Pro is the analysis and design engine, which is now built on a 64-bit platform. This means that STAAD.Pro can now handle larger models with more load cases and perform faster in many instances. The 64-bit solver also supports multi-core processing, which can further improve the performance and speed of analysis. The 64-bit solver can handle linear and nonlinear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, buckling analysis, P-Delta analysis, pushover analysis, response spectrum analysis, time history analysis, etc. The 64-bit solver can also perform various types of design for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, cold-formed steel, etc., according to different international codes.

Design Codes

The CONNECT Edition has expanded the design code offering to include steel design to the New Zealand NZ3404 code. There are also technical preview versions of ACI 318-14 and NBC 2010 for concrete design. Moreover, there is a major overhaul of the Australian steel design code AS 4100. These new codes are available in both the physical and analytical modelling workflows.

The CONNECT Edition has also greatly simplified the licensing associated with the program by adding all the main design codes right into the main application. This means that there is no need to purchase separate add-on licenses for performing any international steel or concrete design from within STAAD.Pro. (Note that nuclear design codes and STAAD Advanced Concrete Design are not included in this consolidation)

RAM Connection Workflow

The popular steel connection design module, RAM Connection, has been integrated with STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition. Users can now access RAM Connection from within the physical or analytical modelling workflows and design various types of connections, such as shear, moment, brace, splice, base plate, etc., according to different codes. RAM Connection also supports the Indian steel code IS 800 for connection design. Users can view the connection details, reports, and drawings within STAAD.Pro or export them to other formats.


The CONNECT Advisor is a new feature that provides quick and relevant assistance for the program users. Users can sign into the CONNECT Advisor using their CONNECT credentials and access various resources, such as help topics, videos, blogs, forums, wikis, etc., directly from within the application. The CONNECT Advisor also provides contextual help based on the current task or mode. Users can also search for specific topics or keywords using the CONNECT Advisor.

STAAD Foundation Advanced

The Foundation Design workflow has been simplified to just use STAAD Foundation Advanced. STAAD Foundation Advanced is a comprehensive foundation design software that can handle any type of foundation, such as isolated, combined, strip, mat, pile cap, etc. STAAD Foundation Advanced can also design foundations for different types of structures, such as columns, walls, beams, frames, etc. Users can access STAAD Foundation Advanced from within STAAD.Pro using the physical or analytical modelling workflows. Users can also import the loads and geometry from STAAD.Pro or create them manually in STAAD Foundation Advanced. Users can then perform the foundation design and view the results and reports within STAAD.Pro or export them to other formats.


STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 21.00 is a major step forward in analysis and design that provides a modern and intuitive interface, a new physical modelling workflow, a 64-bit solver, an expanded design code offering, a simplified licensing, an enhanced integration with RAM Connection, and a simplified foundation design workflow. These features and benefits make STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition Version 21.00 a powerful and versatile software that can handle any type of structural project with ease and efficiency.


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