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Lantek Expert Cut

Lantek: World Leaders in Sheet Metal Software SolutionsLantek Sheet Metal Solutions integrates the most advanced nesting software in the industry with the highest standards in manufacturing management solutions. Lantek provides CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions for companies fabricating sheet metal, tubes, and beams with any cutting (laser, plasma, oxy-cut, water jet, shear) and punching technology.With over 20,000 customers in more than 100 countries and offices in 14 countries, Lantek serves as a pioneer of Industry 4.0 solutions for the Sheet Metal Fabrication industry. Having 30+ years in the industry, Lantek has fostered partnerships with Machine Tool Builders and other large manufacturers to ensure our solutions improve your systems seamlessly no matter the size of your shop.Visit our website at or call our office at (877) 805-1028 for more information.

Lantek Expert Cut

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